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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13568) 2019-12-30


This supposed "cultivar" Alc. 'Imbe' (now Alc. australiana) has been cultivated in Australia since the 1990s, raised from collected seed in Brazil, originating from the region Imbe, Rio Grande do Sol State. However, after years of field studies on the genus by Brazilian botanists Leonardo Versieux and Maria das Gracas Lapa Wanderley, in consultation wiith other bromeliad botanists, combined also with Australian studies chiefly by Queensland grower Rob Smythe on Alc. Imbe, this taxon is now classified and described as Alc. australiana. Under ICN Rules, species names take recognition precedence before cultivar names, regardless of which name was published first. Cross-reference entry only 6/2016 by G. Lawn.

Alcantarea book reference: "Bromelias--Gigantes Do Brasil". Versieux & Wanderley. Offset Editora 2015. pp. 58-61.