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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (538) 2012-09-17

AECHMEA ‘Shogun’ Query Japanese origin <1990

cv. of chantinii from Japanese tissue culture w/wide yellow margins on rich green leaves and evenly spaced silver banding throughout the entire plant - typical chantinii type inflorescence w/red bracts - grows well as hanging basket plant w/downcurving stolons making a nice clump - Reverse of 'Samurai'. Note added Sept 2012. Mr. Isao Yamamoto of Japan advises that 'Shogun' did not originate in Japan but seems to have been a Sport at some later time somewhere! Chantinii Group

Seed Parent: chantinii
Baensch 74ill; JBS 36:92ill, PineapplePl 96, CargoRpt#2-3, MB1998
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