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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (458)

AECHMEA ‘Polyantha’ Richter <1959

- Padilla said, "A graceful rosette w/soft glossy discolored leaves, green above and purplish red below - the tall erect inflorescence is an open spike bearing blue-violet-petaled flowers" - not to be confused w/the species Aechmea polyantha. “No characteristics of one quoted parent Aechmea nudicaulis are evident in the breeder’s original photo nor modern specimens grown under this cultivar name”.

Seed Parent: nudicaulis Pollen Parent: Maginali
JBS 10:41; 16:92, Zimmerpflanzen:Brom.278,194B, BromsPadilla 124, TF1978 : Bromeliads by W. Richter, (BSI English ed. 1977, page 23 photo).