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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (359) 2013-06-17

AECHMEA ‘MEND’ (Merkel*) 1960

cv. of lueddemanniana - (See 'Alvarez', 'Pinkie', 'Blanca Alvarez', 'Rodco' & 'Rodco Inverta') - (Name is derived from (M)Mildred Merkel, (E)Edward Ensign who sowed the seed, (N)Julian Nally who gave the seed to Ensign, and (D)in memory of Ralph Davis) - Albo-marginated in white becoming bright pink-red in good light - hardy and attractive - long lasting first white then shiny purple berries - seedling mutation - open vase-shaped rosette to 18" tall and 24" wide.

Seed Parent: lueddemanniana
JBS 21:123ill; 40:255, Baensch 42ill, AM-1977, MB1998, BromTreasury1983, GolinskiVideo1997