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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (186) 2011-01-23

AECHMEA ‘Electrica (Electra)’ Hummel <1970

A hardy hybrid w/broad dark red/green discolored 18"leaves in a loose urn shape - wide branched orange-red inflorescence - Hummel said, "The best for flowers, form, color and easy culture". (Hummel's catalogs show 'Electrica' rather than 'Electra') - Jungle Gardens said, "Resembles a giant fulgens v. discolor w/wide leaves - Globose flower head much like the shape of Aechmea fasciata - all red, rose and yellow". See also 'Bastantha', 'Candy Corn', 'Popcorn', and 'Rajah'.

Seed Parent: dealbata Pollen Parent: miniata v. discolor x fasciata
HumCat, PltShopCat1976, BSI-ICBH-1979, SDDN1976ill, Baensch 78,79ill., KentCat1971, GN1972, HK1981