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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (163) 2012-07-15

AECHMEA ‘David Barry’ DeLeon, N. <1968

cv. of ramosa v. festiva? X weilbachii f. leodiensis - Padilla said, "Large handsome plant w/the foliage of Aechmea weilbachii and an inflorescence resembling Aechmea ramosa - the inflorescence is a spray of highly colorful berries" - white berries and red bracts - glossy apple-green foliage suffused w/soft copper tones.

Seed Parent: ramosa Pollen Parent: weilbachii v. leodiensis
JBS 18:121; 22:8; 23:185, BromsPadilla 123, JG1973, NJB1976, KentCat1972, PineapplePl 96,TF1980