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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (15012) 2018-11-23

AECHMEA ‘Safari’ ? / Vic Przetocki * 2009

Upright, bulky rosette to 57 cm tall. About 30 yellowish green leaves, both erect and hanging with zig- zag dark maroon cross-banding, more pronounced on the foliage reverse.. Leaves are up to 9.5 cm wide narrowing to 4.5 cm towards the tips The erect 40 cm tall, red-stemmed inflorescence has red floral bracts, pinkish cream ovaries and sepals plus yellow flowers. An accidental, birds-n-bees garden hybrid. Grex siblings = Ae. 'Tiger Bar', 'Savanna'. Reg. Doc. 11/2018 by Vic Przetocki.
Country of origin: Western Australia

Seed Parent: Ensign Pollen Parent: ?