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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (146) 2011-09-25

AECHMEA ‘Compacta’ Richter 1956

cv. of fulgens v. discolor X 'Maginali' from Richter's Registration Documents of 1967- Padilla said cross = miniata v. discolor x 'Maginali'?? - Padilla said, "A compact rosette w/broad short silvery dark green leaves - the inflorescence is rounded and bears bright blue-petaled flowers w/scarlet ovaries".There is a variegated form. Fulgens/Miniata Group

Seed Parent: fulgens v. discolor Pollen Parent: Maginali
JBS 10:40ill; 22:8, Zimmerpflanzen:Brom 278,1962, BromsPadilla 123, Registration Documents 1967