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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (14488) 2017-12-29

AECHMEA ‘Silver Zebra’ ? / R Little* 2007

Mature open upright rosette to 55cm. diameter x 94cm. high (in flower). Stiff, scurfed, relatively-narrow, mid-green upright leaves with some faint silver cross-bands. Erect, pyramid-shaped inflorescence to 33cm. long with hanging vermillion / amber orange scape bracts, branched slim "paddles" comprising green ovaries, gold / pink sepals and yellow flowers. Seed from BSI Seed bank (donor unknown) labelled Aechmea zebrina in 2007. Resultant seedlings (maybe 6 seed trays) were raised by Australian grower Alan Ladd. Ae. 'Silver Zebra' was a unique, almost cross-band-free selected sibling. Whilst some of the progeny later produced pink bracts, most had orange bracts. Chantinii Group. Reg. Doc. 12/2017 by Ross Little.
Country of origin: U.S.A. / Australia

Seed Parent: zebrina ? Pollen Parent: ?