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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (14353) 2017-11-03

AECHMEA ‘Cannibal’ ? / L Hudson* <1978

Mature, huge, semi bulbous-based rosette to over 1.5 metres diameter x 1 metre high. Very spiny, green-leaved form of Ae. bracteata but striated cream / yellow. The erect or arching red-bracted inflorescence can reach 2 metres tall / long with branches to 80cm. long, holding multiple sprays of shiny green berries which turn black when ripe. Its exact origin, whether wild-collected or a vegetative sport in cultivation or as a seedling mutation is unrecorded. However, this clone was being grown in California, U.S.A. prior to 1980 as Ae. "bracteata variegata". See also Ae. 'Tritone'. Reg. Doc. 11/2017 by G Lawn.
Country of origin: ?

Seed Parent: bracteata
Reference: Bromeliad Kingdom Nursery catalogue 1982.