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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13086) 2015-10-13

AECHMEA ‘Flame’ ? <2000

Mature, upright rosette to 50cms. diameter x 30cms. tall. Glossy, arching, pliant green leaves, maroon reverse with few spines. In strong, filtered light, foliage obverse can turn dark pink. Erect branched spike to 50cms. tall with high-angled branches of yellow-flowered, ovoid-shaped, coral orange / red berries, which age to burnished orange / red. Breeder and parentage are unrecorded. Imported by the Olive Branch nursery, Brisbane, ex U.S.A. circa 2000 under this name Ae. 'Flame'. Not to be confused with Ae. 'Hummel's Flame'.(renamed). Reg. Doc. 10/2015 by G. Lawn.
Country of origin: U.S.A.

Seed Parent: ? Pollen Parent: ?