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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (12150)

AECHMEA ‘Caudata Group’ n/a

Forms of A. caudata. Let us look at what happened in the US. Details are hazy but all the action appears to have been in the 1970’s where individual nurseries seem to have given their own name to basically the same plant with blue/black tipped and blotched leaves. We only have photos of ‘Blotches’ ‘Blotches’ by Tropiflora nursery in Florida. Photo held ‘Blue Tips’ by Kent’s nursery in California. Sometimes called ‘Blue Tip’ ‘Fire Chief’ by Shelldance nursery in California. ‘Melanocrater’ name captured by Brian Smith in 1984 from various USA catalogues available at the time. ‘Sao Paulo’ by Rainforest Flora nursery in California. Entering Caudata Group in the notes section in Advanced Search will give a list of these. This entry 3/2014 by D. Butcher
Country of origin: USA