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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (6031) 2017-05-15

NEOREGELIA ‘Ninja’ Shiigi, D. 1979

Shiigi said, " Well formed compact very symmetrical rosette to 18" across and 10" tall - olive green very broad leaves marked w/purple-black spots exhibiting the rolled under character of the 'Takemura Grande' parentage - Blunt leaf tips are indented and apiculate - appearing heart shaped - light rosy purple flush to center at blooming" - Some variability appears to occur resulting in a green form and a red form? - The Zaghini photographs reflect this range. Takemura Group. Reg. Doc. 1998
Country of origin: Hawaii USA

Seed Parent: 'Yamamoto's Grande'(?) Pollen Parent: 'Takemura Grande'
Zaghini 21ill, 22ill (red form)