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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (17677) 2023-11-20

AECHMEA ‘Meya’ ? / Maria Herdz* circa 2000

Mature, outspreading open large rosette to 1.2 metres diameter x 80cm. high. Mid-green, broad (to 12cm. wide), stiff, black-spined foliage with russet red edges and red tips in strong light. Reverse foliage is lightly scurfed silver. Erect spike to 1.4 metres tall with flaring, shell pink peduncle bracts, tightly-branched, dense ovoid-shaped, terminal spike with long, tubular creamy yellow flowers. Bought unnamed, unidentified from Meyer Nursery, (Albonita), Puerto Rico circa 2007 by Maria Herdz in Puerto Rico..Prior history is unrecorded. Reg. Doc.11/2023 by Maria Herdz
Country of origin: Puerto Rico

Seed Parent: ? Pollen Parent: ?