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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (17508) 2023-08-30

TILLANDSIA ‘Bellissima’ Koide Hyatt, Pamela 1989

Pale green upright, slightly stiff leaves. Mature open rosette 15-18cm tall, x to 15cm wide. Inflorescence slightly leaning with peduncle 7 cm. long. Peduncle bracts 7-8 cm long, narrowing to long point (acuminate). Floral bracts 1.2 cm wide at base, apex acuminate, rose-pink, upper third slightly lepidote on underside, inside with veining. Up to 17 lavender petals, sometimes very pale and almost white. Reg. Doc. 2/2023
Country of origin: California USA

Seed Parent: neglecta Pollen Parent: sucrei
Breeder\'s Ref:: Birdrock Tropicals Nursery,, cross #962, I.D. TX531