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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (10336) 2010-12-28


XBillnelia A.D. Hawkes, Bromel. Pap. l(6): 52. Oct 1959 ("1959-1960"). Parent genera: Billbergia Thunb., Pl. bras. 3: 30. 5 Jun 1821 and Quesnelia Gaudich., Voy. Bonite, Bot. Atlas: t. 54. 1842. This is the proper name for xBillque. XBillque Anon., Int. Checklist Bromel. Hybrids: 29. Mai-Dec 1979. This name is invalid because it is formed from the first part of the names of both its parent genera (Art. H.6.2 Greuter et al. 1994). This entry compiled by D. Butcher 12/2010