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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (14772) 2018-07-24

TILLANDSIA ‘Apretado BRT’ ? / Koide Hyatt, P * circa 1982

Mature, solid, ovoid-shaped rosette to 12cm. high x 6cm. diameter. Rather large for a T. ionantha cultivar. Tightly constricted, non-flaring, succulent mid-green, pointed leaves, considerably laden with white trichomes towards the base. Although sometimes reluctant to bloom in cultivation (it just keeps growing), upper leaves turn scarlet with the semi-recessed inflorescence imminent, which has long, tubular violet flowers. Wild-collected in Mexico by Pamela Koide Hyatt circa 1982, exact locality unrecorded and herein renamed with the initials "BRT" (= Bird Rock Tropicals) because it was mistakenly identified for many years as the other T. Apretado RFI (= Rainforest Flora Inc.). The term "Apretado" means "tight" in Spanish. Ionantha Group. Reg. Doc. 5/2018 by G. Lawn.
Country of origin: Mexico

Seed Parent: ionantha
References: BSI Journal 43: 163 (1993) . New Tillandsia Handbook, H. Shimizu & H Takizawa, p..61.(1997) Bird Rock Tropicals, collection no.T100-cv. A.