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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (8116) 2015-09-07

TILLANDSIA ‘Huamelula’ Mexican species <1993

cv. of Tillandsia ionantha - Koide said, "Recently brought into cultivation from Mexico. Grows on lava rocks on the west coast of Oaxaca near sea level and is very large in comparison to the regular species. A single specimen can be 3-4" in diameter and 4-6" tall..beautiful green leaves in a symmetrical rosette..turns a vivid pink-orange color at anthesis, and produces large purple flowers". Now known as ionantha v. maxima

Seed Parent: ionantha
JBS 43:163, CargoRpt#4-1; #5-3; #6-5, NewTillHdbk601ll, GolinskiVideo1997 Ionantha Group