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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (17514) 2023-05-11

TILLANDSIA ‘Infinity’ Takizawa, Hiroyuki 2016

Mature small rosette to 12cm. diameter. Highly scurfed thick leaves recurving upwards to one side. Inflorescence is 12 to 14 cm long with frosted pink floral bracts on multiple branches and pink petals. This Tillandsia has very extraordinary characteristics. New leaves come out albino white,.Then as leaves grow to outside, they get greenish to do photosynthesis (differs from albino). Under stronger light, white leaves turn to pink. Leaf color changes with light strength. Under shade conditions, white leaves turn to green. But green leaves turn back to white if moved to under bright light. Plants in the uploaded photos are all the same clone. Reg. Doc. 3/2023.
Country of origin: Japan

Seed Parent: Mother's Day Pollen Parent: Red Gem