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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (16926) 2021-10-29

TILLANDSIA ‘Holm's Twistem’ Holm, Burkhard. / Tanja Richter\" 2014

Mature, small rosette 11 cm. high x-9 cm. diameter. The small , caulescent and secund rosette has smooth, green, strongly recurved and channeled leaves. The leaves are green or - due to tenuifolia var. Amethyst as one grandmother - reddish with adpressed trichomes The rose pink-bracted and pointed inflorescence bears spirally- arranged lavender flowers. Reg. Doc. 10/2021 by Tanja Richter.
Country of origin: Germany

Seed Parent: Holm's Twin Star Pollen Parent: Holm's Star Gem