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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (15932) 2020-11-17

TILLANDSIA ‘Passion’ Takizawa, Hiroyuki 2016

Mature rosette to 12 cm. diameter, blooming to 20 cm tall. Silvery metallic leaves are arranged alternately (distichous) and have a flat foliage shape. The erect , pointed, simple, frosted grern-bracted spike has large open flowers, each to 20 mm. diameter with dappled ruby red petals and bright yellow margins. Pups are all alternate-leaved and with flat-shaped foliage. Only one grex seedling has alternate leaves. Grex sibling = T. 'Passion'. Reg. Doc. 2/2020.
Country of origin: Japan

Seed Parent: reichenbachii (white flower) Pollen Parent: albertiana