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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (15441) 2019-05-15

TILLANDSIA ‘Holm's Scented Surprise’ Holm, Burkhard / Peter Tristramr* circa 2000

Plant is like a much larger version of T. gerdae but more white frosted with a relatively-large, paddle-shaped spike. It was imported into Australia ex Germany with T. gerdae seedlings from Burkhard. Holm. Rosette grows upright to 20 cm. diameter, slightly caulescent with xiphioides-like spike and fragrant,lavender flowers. (T. xiphioides is a possible pollen parent. T. cardenasii also is considered, especially due to flower colour.). Reg. Doc. 5/2019 by Peter Tristram.
Country of origin: Germany

Seed Parent: gerdae Pollen Parent: ?