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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (15301) 2019-02-18

TILLANDSIA ‘Corsa Corner’ ? / Ross Little* <2007

Mature, open rosette to 65cm. diameter x 40cm. high including inflorescence. In strong light, bronzed grey-green, stiff, awl like leaves, tapering to a point. Foliage reverse is scurfed silvery grey. Erect, compact, slightly-branched spike with characteristic ovoid "paddles" of rosy red lower bracts, puce / bronzed green upper bracts and tubular, light purple flowers. In 2007, imported from Corsa S.A. (Nursery) in Guatemala by Chris Larson of Collectors Corner Nursery, Melbourne, Victoria and has been distributed in Australia as T. fasciculata 'Corsa'. Fasciculata Group. Reg. Doc. 2/2019 by Ross Little
Country of origin: Guatemala

Seed Parent: fasciculata