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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (14145) 2017-07-24

TILLANDSIA ‘Holm's Silver Petrose’ Holm B. circa 1990

Mature plant 10-12 cm. high, 15cm. in diameter. Very open, star-shaped, short caulescent rosette with silvery-white leaves covered by tiny, adpressed trichomes. The lower surface is rougher, the upper surface smoother. The leaves are hardly channeled, very widespread, quite stiff and wide at the base. The long, arched inflorescence has dark pink bracts, the lower bracts of which have very long and thin green tips. It bears many (14-18) lavender flowers which are laxly and spirally- arranged. The plant has bigger, coarser and brighter leaves than T. Petropolis, also the flowers are much more laxly arranged. The leaves are longer and wider recurved, The peduncle is longer and more arched than T. stricta var.albifolia. Reg. Doc. 7/2017 by T Richter.
Country of origin: Germany

Seed Parent: Petropolis Pollen Parent: stricta var. albifolia