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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13777) 2016-11-13

TILLANDSIA ‘Dilemma’ ? / Julie Batty* circa 1990

Parents unknown but with apparent links to T. aeranthos. Rosette to 12 cm diameter, caulescent to 18 cm long; leaf blades to 10 cm long, grey and stiff, concave at base and gradually tapering to a point, One single, fine, subtle rib along the length of both sides of the blade to the tips which can tend to curl upward a little, with very fine but sparse scurf. Inflorescence an elongated aeranthos type with flowers often aborting. Stigma different to T. aeranthos. Originally imported to Australia in 1990's from Tillandsia International nursery, California as 'Purple Peru' but was changed over the years to a formula such as ĎT. purpurea purple X unknown hybridí. Reg. Doc. 11/2016 by Derek Butcher.
Country of origin: California USA

Seed Parent: aeranthos? Pollen Parent: ?