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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13771) 2016-11-05

TILLANDSIA ‘Ayebole’ ? / Derek Butcher * circa 1981

In 1981 Derek Butcher of Adelaide, South Australia imported some plants of T. straminea from Karel Knize in Lima, Peru. There was not much to tell them apart but Knize did note they had been collected at different altitudes. One caught Derek's eye because it was noted ĎAyeboleí which he could only think was its habitat area somewhere in Peru! These days even Google cannot help Derek with that locality name. Eventually the plant flowered and Derek considered it was closer to T. purpurea. Derek does know that plants with this name are circulating around Australia and it seems prudent at this late stage to register the name for future reference. There are no special features to distinguish T. 'Ayebole' from T. purpurea s. l. Reg. Doc. 11/2016.
Country of origin: Peru