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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13113) 2015-10-26

TILLANDSIA ‘Holm's Millefleur’ Holm B. circa 1995

Mature rosette to 7 cms. high x 6 cms diameter. Grows distichous in densely clusters. Green leaves are slender, slightly channeled and have a smooth, greyish-scaled surface. This cultivar produces lots of thin peduncles to 10cms. long with 2 or 3 pale-lavender flowers each to 7mm. wide. Very probably an unintentional hybrid with T. recurvata concerning size, growth, trichomes, colourÖand T. recurvata was always near by. Reg. Doc. 10/2015 by T Richter.
Country of origin: Germany

Seed Parent: bandensis Pollen Parent: recurvata ?