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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (13076) 2017-05-23

TILLANDSIA ‘Pachara Red Phoenix’ Pacharapong P 2009

Mature rosette 20cms. diameter x 16cms. high. This cultivar is made from 2 outstanding parents of our selected T. ionantha No.9576 wild-collected in Mexico by the late Gary Hammer and T. Roja. It displays very long lasting bright red colour throughout the flowering period, before and long after flowering, the foliage later turning to bronzed chocolate, highlighting the silvery scurf. Rosette stem is curled up into a large red uniform fountain . Both 2 clones of the cross display such characteristics. Grex sibling = T. 'Rubino'. Ionantha Group. Reg. Doc. 9/2015.
Country of origin: Thailand

Seed Parent: Roja Pollen Parent: ionantha (Mexico No.9576)