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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (12813) 2016-07-15

TILLANDSIA ‘Susie’ Correale S <1990

Mature outspreading rosette to 65cms. diameter x 50cms. tall in spike. Arching, scurfed grey-green bronzed leaves, each 2.5cms. wide at the base, to 45cms. long, tapering to a point. Erect, branched inflorescence, to 4.5cms. across, to 26cms. high with light scarlet scape bracts and violet flowers. Capitata Group. Reg. Doc. 9/2014 by D Cathcart. Update 10/2015. Hybrid status and parentage changed on advice from the breeder's daughter Sue (Correale) Styer, after whom this cultivar is named. .
Country of origin: Florida U.S.A.

Seed Parent: Fire Orange Pollen Parent: Fire Orange x capitata 'yellow" (F2)
Tropiflora #8707