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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (12791) 2016-09-23

TILLANDSIA ‘Aussie Gold’ ? / Flower A* 2002

Mature rosette to 22cms. diameter x 20cms. high. Grey-green scurfed, channelled leaves. Arching spike to 10cms. long, with trichome-laden mid-pink scape bracts and yellow flowers. The breeder (or seed supplier) is unknown. Notes from the seed raiser Andrew Flower (New Zealand): "Ex Bromeliad Society of Australia Seedbank, Nov. 2002, labelled Tillandsia jucunda var. viridiflora [now T. ixioides ssp.viridiflora (Rauh) Gouda 2010]. Since the Aussie Gold population has always had strong yellow/gold petals, the appelation "viridiflora" is inappropriate. The size of the floral bracts in particular place this plant closer to T. ixioides whereas the bract colour is not at all typical of that species ! . So it seems to fall somewhere in between jucunda and ixioides and may be a hybrid. " Reg. Doc. 3/2015 by A Flower.
Country of origin: Australia

Seed Parent: ixioides ssp. viridiflora ?