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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (11711) 2020-08-01

TILLANDSIA ‘Capitata Peach’ ? / Hyatt, Pamela* n/a

My local enquiries led overseas to Pamela (Koide) Hyatt of Bird Rock Tropicals Nursery, Carlsbad, California. In April,1982 Pamela, Gary Hammer and their party explored near El Camaron, Oaxaca State, Mexico in a mountainous region at circa 2000 metres altitude. In a rocky habitat grew T. ionantha var. stricta, T. ionantha var. stricta forma fastigiata and T. leucolepis (type locality). There Pamela found also this unusual form of T. capitata with thick, grey/ green stiff leaves with fine trichomes, an extended scape with peach/orange bracts and violet petals. At the time, this form of T. capitata was new to cultivation and as it was in a geographically-isolated habitat, Pamela decided to call it 'Peach' . In the early 1990s Dennis & Linda Cathcart of Tropiflora Nursery, Sarasota, Florida explored this same rocky terrain and also brought back specimens of T. capitata 'Peach'. We have decided to register this cultivar as T. 'Capitata Peach'. In southern California's Mediterranean climate Pamela grows this variant in high light and with low fertiliser which creates a more compact plant. By contrast, Tropiflora's specimen is larger , lusher with a fuller rosette in Florida's sub-tropical climate, which makes identification more difficult in making comparisons. Capitata Group. Notes by Geoff Lawn. Reg Doc 9/2013 by G. Lawn
Country of origin: Mexico

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