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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (11498) 2015-01-17

TILLANDSIA ‘Bob's Pick’ Flower A. 2003

Seed parent is Tillandsia capitata "caulescent, Guatemala" ex Pam Koide T029 ( 'Rio Hondo'.) Pollen parent is T. kolbii ex Pam Koide ( T. scaposa?). Named for Robert Hudson of Cairns, Australia. who, when over here in New Zealand counting sheep before the Auckland Conference 2013, spotted a plant that was thought to be hidden in the Potting Shed. Alas, he found it so I am forced to acknowledge his prowess. Plants 25-30cms. high, 33-35cms. diameter. Reg. Doc. 5/2013
Country of origin: New Zealand

Seed Parent: Rio Hondo Pollen Parent: scaposa