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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (11020)

TILLANDSIA ‘Lucky Strike’ Genn B* 1994

Seed gathered by Queensland grower Barry Genn in 1994 from a plant provisionally identified as T. ferreyrae and seed sown. The resultant seedlings were thought to be from self-set seed. The first plant to produce a flower spike was in the collection of Queensland grower Bruce Dunstan in 2011 but clearly not all the seed were self-set. From memory, Barry could only recall a red form of T. fasciculata being in flower at the same time and when you look at the inflorescence it certainly seems feasible. While ĎLucky Strikeí has attractive red floral bracts it has failed to produce an actual flower to give us a clue as to the pollen parent. Its failure to actually show flowers is compensated by a multitude of offsets. The plant is about 80cms. in diameter with the inflorescence rising to 1.2 metres. Reg Doc 3/2012 by D Butcher
Country of origin: Queensland Australia

Seed Parent: ferreyrae Pollen Parent: ?