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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (10588) 2014-09-26


Natural hybrid (ionantha x nizandensis). Note that T. nizandensis is close to T. hammeri and was prepared for publication in 2002 but as at 2011 is still in abeyance. Collected in Mexico, Oaxaca, near Nizanda 300-400msm, leg Lydia & Gerhard Kohres s n Dec 1996, also collected 150msm Nizanda near Juchitan de Zaragoza (La Mata) 1998, with Agave nizandaensis, Barkeria alata, Encyclia, Catasetum, Epiphyllum, T. ionantha ĎHaselnussí and T. caput-medusae Reg. Doc. by D Butcher 6/2011
Country of origin: Mexico

Seed Parent: ionantha Pollen Parent: nizandensis