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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (10426) 2011-01-27

TILLANDSIA ‘White Spice’ Flower A January 1993

First Bloom date: January 7, 2011 Description: plant short-caulescent, 21cm, rachis 7cm, flower 45.8mm diameter (cf., xiphioides 27.58mm), petal 19mm wide, primary bract 39.87mm, floral bract 44.29mm, spike 15.75mm wide, 4.79mm thick (cf T. xiphioides 21.73 x 7.8mm). flowers highly fragrant, citris-like. Unique characteristics: petals are flat, not having the centre and peripheral channels of the seed parent. Reg Doc A Flower 1/2011
Country of origin: New Zealand

Seed Parent: xiphioides AB138 Pollen Parent: diaguitensis AB426