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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (2900)

NEOREGELIA ‘Amazon Sunset’ Elmore, J. (#1165) 1978

cv. of 'Green Apple' X 'Star of Brazil' - Elmore says, "A wide variety exists in the cultivars, but, generally, all share leafage of 'sunset' colors, oranges and reds, often overlaying another, lighter yellow or green for two-tone leafage..". - (Other cvs. = 'Afterglow', 'Cumulus', 'Dawn of Time', 'Flaming Cloud', 'Horizons', 'Overpowering', 'Primeval', 'Sounds of Silence', 'Spectacle', 'Streaks of Light', 'Sunball', 'Sunburst', 'Thunderhead', 'Twilight' & 'Vapor Trails'.

Seed Parent: Green Apple Pollen Parent: Star of Brazil
Registration Documents 1983, SUP-ICBH-1985; JBS 33:82