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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (15255) 2020-11-25

HOHENBERGIA ‘Ouchi’ ? / Peter Tristram* 1987

Mature, upright, tubular / bulbous rosette to 60cm. high. Leathery, frosted, pinkish/ bronzed puce / purple leaves with large black spines. Inner leaves stay upright but outer leaves tend to droop. Erect inflorescence thought to resemble H magnispina. .Discovered jointly by Prof. Werner Rauh (Germany) and Leopoldo Horst (Brazilian cactus specialist) in the Brazilian wilderness. Named for the sharp foliage spines and personal expression if pricked. Distributed by Hermann Prinsler in Germany as HP#3. Species (see H. Karla article by Hermann Prinsler and Atsuchi Sato's book, Hohenbergia - Serrate Tanks, pages 76/77). Reg. Doc. 1/2019 by Peter Tristram
Country of origin: Brazil

Seed Parent: magnispina?