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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (909) 2017-08-08

BILLBERGIA ‘Huntington’ ? <1972

cv. of amoena v. amoena (?) - Small clear green typical amoena with short stolons and stiffer leaves - from Huntington Gardens, California collection. Amoena Group. NOTE ADDED Aug 2017 Plant still growing at Huntington Gardens. Parentage unknown and apparently B. amoena might be involved. Detail from accession card reveals their plant was received from Fuchsia Land nursery (Los Angeles) in 1974. In 1975 they received 'Red' from 'The Plant Shop' which in 1982 was confirmed by Bob Cole of 'The Plant Shop' to be the same as B. 'Huntington'. Mature rosette about 30 cm. diameter x 30 cm. high.

Seed Parent: amoena v. amoena ?
Velco1975, FL1978, KentCat1972