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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (768) 2012-12-24

BILLBERGIA ‘Collevii’ Van Geert <1882

cv. of amoena X vittata - (See 'Breauteana', 'Joliboisii', 'Rhedonensis', 'Cappei', 'Zebrina Cappeana', 'Oberthueri', 'Oon- Tah', 'Calophylla', 'Herbaultii' & 'Wittmackiana' ) - Chevalier said, "Posture slender - leaves gracefully reflexed - of a beautiful green w/large areas of white - flowers blue - bracts rose-carmine". The plant in cultivation in AU since the 1970's and probably in the USA is probably a 'Collevii'F2 with strong traits of B. amoena. The 'true' one is not in cultivation in 2005 as far as can be traced. See also photos from Don Beadle on which are different again, leaning more towards B. vittata. The posting on reminded us of an unnamed plant grown in South Australia by Colin Waterman, with very similat attributes, and is shown here

Seed Parent: amoena Pollen Parent: vittata
BSI-ICBH-1979, BelgHort32:334, Bromeletter1996 3:13, TheBromeliads1990p133