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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (17423) 2022-10-20

BILLBERGIA ‘Violet Beauty Median’ ? / Geoff Lawn* circa 1990

Mature, vase-shaped rosette to 40cm. high x 30cm. diameter. Arching mid-green leaves with central lime yellow stripes. Upright / nodding inflorescence of light pink scape bracts,pinkish beige floral bracts and light mauve petals. Possibly sported from a so-called "striata" form of B. 'Violet Beauty' from Sydney / Gold Coast pioneer grower Olwen Ferris. Reg. Doc. 9/2022 by Geoff Lawn
Country of origin: Australia

Seed Parent: Violet Beauty
Ref: Bromeliad Display Garden catalogue (page 7) , H & O Ferris, Queensland 1982-3.