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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (9) 2021-03-14

AECHMEA ‘Alvarez’ n/a 1970s

Cultivar of lueddemanniana , wild-collected in Fortin de Las Flores, Mexico. Named after Senora Alvarez, owner of the Posada Loma Hotel in Fortin. - (See 'Mend', 'Rodco', 'Pinkie' & 'Blanca Alvarez') - Tropiflora said, "Slow growing and has a medio-picta variegation - a broad stripe of pinkish orange up the center of each leaf when grown in bright light" - From observation, a variegated upright rosette (to 60cm. diameter) with green margins and lineations within the white center - glazed in intense red-orange overall in good light. Erect spike of white berries turning purple when ripe.
Country of origin: Mexico

Seed Parent: lueddemanniana
TF1980, JBS 35:36, Grande 1:2ill, CargoRpt#2-1; #7-4, MB1998