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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (73) --

AECHMEA ‘Black Panther’ Hummel <1970

cv. of unknown parentage - (See 'Cougar') - Upright flared large black urn w/crimped edges - pendent inflorescence w/buff berries and blue petals - Hummel said, "Ruffled black leaves" - Plaza Nursery said, "Large plant to 4' - tall tubular plant w/glossy maroon to black leaves w/spines along the margins - slightly ruffled leaves" - This plant listed in the Seaborn 1976 catalog for $100 - Bromeliad Treasury 1983 said, "A tall narrow stately vase-shaped plant with a rosette of purplishblack strap-shaped glossy leaves 2-1/2" x 36" - the slightly branched inflorescence is often within the throat of the rosette and forms peach-pink berries".

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