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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (69) 2010-04-21

AECHMEA ‘Hummel's Black Magic’ Hummel <1967

cv. of victoriana v. discolor X racinae (Cvs. of the reverse cross by Foster = 'Black Jack', 'Foster's Favorite', 'Foster's Favorite Favorite' & 'Red Ribbon') - Very black & shining. Plaza Nursery said, "A beautiful plant w/dark maroon and copper green leaves that look varnished - Inflorescence very much like 'Foster's Favorite'". Originally in Register as ' Black Magic' but name amended to differentiate from the other 'Black Magic'.

Seed Parent: victoriana v. discolor Pollen Parent: racinae
HumCat, BSI-ICBH-1979, SDDN1968, NJB1976, Plaza1973, KentCat1972, TFG1976, HNH1982, BP1982