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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (567) 2016-07-25

AECHMEA ‘Stefanie’ Skotak C / Deroose Plants* ?

Mature, large, broad-leaved rosette to 90cms. diameter x 70cms. high in flower. Spineless, scurfed, grey-green leaves. Erect compound spike of large, shell pink bracts and purple flowers. Sometimes the inflorescence appears distorted. Parentage added 1/2015 on breeder's advice. Appears to be similar to (or from same grex) in Australia as a tissue-cultured clone which acquired the number 491, as released by the Olive Branch Nursery, Brisbane, circa 2004 Possibly identical to, or a grex sibling of, Aechmea 'Star of Linda'. This entry amended 7/2016 by G. Lawn. .
Country of origin: Costa Rica

Seed Parent: mariae-reginae Pollen Parent: fasciata (spineless)
See Deroose website 10/2004