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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (492) 2011-02-26

AECHMEA ‘Red Flamingo’ Hummel <1979

There have been two different plants with the same name circulating in the 1970's and 1980's. First it was captured from a Nurserymans catalogue as 'Red Flamingo' (Yamamoto) in Smith's Manuscript 1984. In the Prelim List 1991 'Red Flamingo' appears as being by Hummel with links to an A. warasii hybrid. In the 1980's a plant called A. 'Red Flamingo' was imported to AU. from the USA but it is clearly Yamamoto's 'Flamingo' (fendleri x chantinii) you will see under 'Flamingo' that although this hybrid was done in 1964 it was not registered until 1979 which is the possible cause of it having two names. It has no link to Hummel's 'Red Flamingo' and the 'Red' should be deleted.

Seed Parent: warasii? Pollen Parent: weilbachii v. leodiensis?
KentCat1979, DeLeonCat1981, BP-1983