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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (373) 2020-12-18

AECHMEA ‘Mona’ Buysse, F. (Mekers) circa 1970s

cv. of fasciata X serrata - This is according to the BSI-ICBH-1979 reference but Samyn's article in the JBS shows it as a new introduction at the 1990 "Floralies of Ghent". Samyn said, "fasciata X dichlamydea" (?) - Large robust 60 cm tall & 50 cm wide rosette of blue-green wide thick leaves - inflorescence like fasciata but expanded - bluish flowers fading to pink.
Country of origin: Belgium

Seed Parent: fasciata Pollen Parent: serrata? dichlamydea?
BSI-ICBH-1979, Deroose 1990, JBS 47:124, BirdRock1995