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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (33) 2013-05-14

AECHMEA ‘Azur Nigra’ Hummel <1967

cv. of unknown parentage - (See 'Reubens' & 'Rufescens') - Thelma O'Reilly relates that in late 1967 she obtained three seedlings from the Hardins who were close friends of the Hummels - The seedlings were from a flat obtained from the Hummels which probably contained a grex of unknown parentage - The three she selected have retained their identity as 'Rubens', 'Rufenses' and 'Azur Nigra' - She describes 'Azur Nigra' as, "Pure matte black with no gloss - tall upright to 18" - very reluctant bloomer" - red upright inflorescence w/dense yellow-pink blooms. It has also been suggested that parentage could be nudicaulis x triangularis.

Seed Parent: orlandiana?
BSI-ICBH-1979, KentCat1972, NJB1976, FL1978, TF1980, TFG1976, BP1982, GN1972