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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (222) 2015-12-02

AECHMEA ‘Foster's Favorite Favorite’ Foster, M.B. 1951

Sport of 'Foster's Favorite' - A thin strappy leafed small plant in a lax loose rosette with leaves margined in white and suffused with rich red wine - pendent inflorescence w/red berries and blue petals - Tropiflora offered an Australian clone and described it as follows, "A stunningly variegated form of this lovely wine red glossy-leaved plant - the variegation is cream colored and suffused w/pinks and reds - the pendent inflorescence bears large red fruits - sturdy and upright to 24" - somewhat stoloniferous" - Bromeliad Treasury said, "The 12-15 leaves are 1" wide at the base and 1-1/2" farther out - dark green in the leaf centrally and bright pink to red along the margins - the rosette is open and a reflexed vase shape - the pendent inflorescence is a raceme of red berries w/yellow flowers that last months".
Country of origin: Florida U.S.A.

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