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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (16717) 2021-05-05

AECHMEA ‘Star Bright’ ? / Keryn Simpson* circa 2008 ?

Mature, open, large rosette to 1 metre diameter x 20cm. high. Arching, glossy, narrow, green, prickled leaves. At blooming, the surrounding foliage turns light red. Erect short globe-shaped spike to 10cm. high x 9cm. wide.The multi-layered, rounded, dark pink-bracted inflorescence with white tips has mauve petals, not white as per Aechmea nidularioides, which it most resembles. The growers / namers Keryn Simpson & Dave Boudier got theirs off Gold Coast grower John Catlan "many years ago" but the breeder remains uncertain. Similar-looking cultivars appeared on Facebook in 2014. Reg. Doc. 2/2021 by Ross Little
Country of origin: Australia

Seed Parent: nidularioides ? Pollen Parent: ?
Reference: Far North Coast Bromeliad Study Group N.S.W.. Newsletter, Feb. 2021, page 11.