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Bromeliad Cultivar Register (15603) 2019-07-25

AECHMEA ‘Seidel Blue’ ? / Vic Przetocki* <1990

Mature, small rosette to 26cm. diameter x 18cm. high in bloom. Narrow, upright, pointed green leaves, bronzed purple at the base. Erect simple spike of rosy red ovaries, maroon floral bracts heavily scurfed and bluish purple petals. Reputedly seeds or plants of so-called Aechmea seideliana from Orquidario Catarinense Nursery, Brazil (owner: Alvim Seidel) imported circa 1990 to Australia by Sydney grower Ruby Ryde, but it seems to be of hybrid origin, possibly by endemic natural pollinators. See also Aechmea 'Aussie Ruby'. Reg..Doc. 7/2019 by Vic Przetocki
Country of origin: Brazil

Seed Parent: seideliana ? Pollen Parent: ?